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How Consensus Kills Innovation

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You know the feeling: You’ve just left a meeting in which everyone has discussed a pressing issue, considered the pros and cons, and arrived at a plan for moving forward that everyone can agree with.

You feel accomplished. You feel like your team is in harmony. You’ve achieved consensus. Hooray!

Except you might want to hold off on your celebration. As advertising sage David Ogilvy once said, “Search all the parks in all your cities. You’ll find no statues of committees.” Mr. Ogilvy, of course, was emphasizing the importance of the individual in moving unique ideas forward — and slyly denigrating decision-by-committee.

In most organizations, consensus decision making is the default. Unfortunately, a lot of evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, is beginning to ask whether consensus is as valuable as once assumed. To go further, is consensus the quickest way to kill innovation? I’ve put together three thought starters around why we value consensus, and how (and why) to kill consensus before it murders innovation.

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