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Crowdsourcing Cultural Change: A Recipe for Creativity and Conflict

Cultural change within a company will always cause friction and growing pains. Some of the pushback can be alleviated by getting feedback at every level of the company throughout the process. Unfortunately, this can cause it’s own problems, as people voice their own ideas of what the company is and should be.

The Advantages of a Strong Company Culture to Employee Engagement

A company with engaged employees is easy to spot. In these organizations, the culture is clearly defined and employees understand the purpose and goals they are working toward. Simply put, there is a feeling of shared success.

Ask the Expert: The key to becoming a top brand – Purpose

Creating an authentic brand is all about being consistent: your vision and messaging need to align with employee behaviors. That’s why having a clear purpose is so critical to branding. Robin Tooms, Vice President of Strategy at Savage, talks about how purpose makes it easy to spot a top brand.

M&A Cultural Alignment: A Unified Culture Means a Strong Brand

When companies participate in M&A activity, they understand that there will be challenges associated with combining two unique businesses into a single entity. How customers will react to the combined business is a big concern. Managing customer expectations, ensuring that the company’s external brand is shifted smoothly and value remains high all need to be addressed in the external rebrand.

Ask the Expert: Cultural Alignment is Critical during Mergers & Acquisitions

A strong, positive culture is a critical part of a successful business — and an even more critical part of successfully combining companies through an acquisition or merger. Jackie Dryden, Savage’s Creative Strategist, talks about the role culture plays when combining organizations.

Ask the Expert: Why Employee Alignment with Culture is Important

Every company has a culture, but it can be purposeful or it can be accidental. If no effort has been made to maintain it, culture will define itself. Jackie Dryden, Savage’s Creative Strategist, talks about the role culture plays in defining employee actions.