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Everyone is CEO of something: Surprising inspiration from a valve company

I recently went to a client kick-off meeting with MOGAS Industries, a valve company that we are consulting for. It was a rainy, dreary day when we pulled up to a bright and welcoming campus. Our tour began with the usual meet and greet, but soon took a surprising turn. On the walkway between the corporate office and the manufacturing facility, we were shown the company’s value wall. I’ve seen these things before, but this one was different. The words on the wall spoke to me. They were direct, and they were real. And every employee had signed his or her name at the bottom of the wall.

Savage Brands Honored by Impact a Hero as Partner of the Year

Impact A Hero honored Savage Brands as Partner of the Year at its 2015 Hall of Fame Gala. The honor recognizes the extensive contribution made by Savage Brands, a leading Houston branding, communications and design firm, in developing a new communications strategy that reflected the organization’s purpose – to help severely wounded heroes returning home from post-9/11 combat.

Get Credit for Your Good Work: 5 Steps to Promote your Sustainability Report

Many companies create corporate social responsibility or sustainability reports, but few are actively marketing their sustainability efforts. If you haven’t thought of your corporate sustainability report as marketing content, it’s time to start.

Sustainability reports provide a unique and appealing inside look at your company’s story. It’s one thing to state your values or explain what’s important to your internal culture, but the narratives, facts and statistics typically included in a sustainability report provide real meaning and substance to those statements. Plus, your commitment to sustainability builds trust with customers, shareholders and prospects, because it shows that as a company you are holding yourself accountable for building a better future – both inside and outside of your company walls.

To be known for your sustainability initiatives and good work takes more than just making a report; you have to promote it. Here are a few tips:

It’s Time for B2B Marketing to Get Out of the “Dark Ages” and Do Social Media Well

In the business-to-business world, there still seems to be a reluctance to take social media seriously enough to make it work as a medium for communicating brand messages. It’s been my experience that many B2B companies handle social media one of two ways: 1.) Somewhat haphazardly, with no formal structure, strategy or guidelines, or 2.) They neglect it all together.

Even B2B Brands Should Consider Social as Part of the Marketing Mix

Let’s face it, communication channels have multiplied, so numerous touchpoints with your brand are the rule, not the exception. One notable increase has been the proliferation of informal communications, namely social media, which is now an inevitable part of modern day brand communications. More and more potential employees and individuals with buying power are looking to online communities to get a flavor for a company and its brand attributes.

Two Savages speak to women about the Purpose Revolution

The Purpose Revolution: In a world of forty-dollar logos, nephews who build websites and Photoshop on every computer, how do creatives differentiate and become indispensable to clients?

Don’t Forget: Internal Communications are a Critical Part of Your Growth Strategy

It’s a challenging market and your company is trying to get work done. You need your employees to get on board and help you achieve your goals together. It’s easy right? Send a few emails, call a couple of meetings and everyone knows what’s going on.

Not quite.

Internal communications is one of the more difficult areas of corporate communications to harness. Not because employees don’t pay attention, or don’t care, but because they are overwhelmed, work remotely or have a listening/learning style that isn’t one size fits all.

Super Bowl Commercial Showdown: Touching Spots Score a Touchdown for Brands

The Big Game is over, and while some may still be talking about that last play call, around our office, what we’re talking about is the commercials. We’re an agency full of creative types, so this is understandable.

So, we asked a few our our Savage’s to submit their favorite commercial. Based on the list below, you might want to first read HBJ’s recent article “Why Marketers Want to Make You Cry” to understand why brands would turn to strong emotions to connect with audiences.

Seeing Savage’s future: A vivid vision for the new year

What does your company’s vision look like? Can you picture it? Can you hear and taste it?

What Every Company Can Learn from Hedge Fund Marketing

Every marketer has to be concerned about the increased demand for corporate transparency, especially since the 2008 financial crisis. Traditionally, marketing communications was built around the concept of controlling a company’s story, but in the current era of digital conversations and brand ambassadors, that’s a less realistic approach. So what can we do to meet business goals and satisfy the public’s hunger for the truth?

Take a leaf out of the hedge fund marketers’ book.

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