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M&A Cultural Alignment: A Unified Culture Means a Strong Brand

When companies participate in M&A activity, they understand that there will be challenges associated with combining two unique businesses into a single entity. How customers will react to the combined business is a big concern. Managing customer expectations, ensuring that the company’s external brand is shifted smoothly and value remains high all need to be addressed in the external rebrand.

However, this does not tell the whole story, as it does not address the need for clear, internal communication and an effort to merge the cultures of each company so that all parties are on the same track, moving toward the same purpose. In many ways, a company’s culture is its brand, and if the employee experience and attitudes vary throughout the company, the customer experience will begin to reflect that.

Savage’s Work with FlexSteel Reaps Awards, Boosts Awareness

Savage’s branding, communications and advertising work for FlexSteel has earned numerous industry awards and serious results for the client.

Going Mobile: Website Design Considerations for Tablets

If 2012 was the year of the smartphone, 2013 promises to be the year of the tablet. More specifically, 2013 will be the year of the “enterprise tablet,” with CIOs planning a four-fold increase in tablet deployments.  So whether your website is tailored for B2C or B2B, with over 70 million tablets on the market, tablet browsing now accounts for almost one-third of all U.S. Internet browsing, and is something you should plan for your website this year.

Ask the Expert: Cultural Alignment is Critical during Mergers & Acquisitions

A strong, positive culture is a critical part of a successful business — and an even more critical part of successfully combining companies through an acquisition or merger. Jackie Dryden, Savage’s Creative Strategist, talks about the role culture plays when combining organizations.

Ask the Expert: Why Employee Alignment with Culture is Important

Every company has a culture, but it can be purposeful or it can be accidental. If no effort has been made to maintain it, culture will define itself. Jackie Dryden, Savage’s Creative Strategist, talks about the role culture plays in defining employee actions.

Why No One is Reading Your Blog

You’ve done your research, you’ve carefully crafted a killer blog and you’ve published it on your website for all to see. Unfortunately, the only people who seem to be viewing it are the other employees in the marketing department to whom you sent a link. What gives?

Good on Purpose: Powerful Design Creates Real Change

Savage believes in the power of using our talent for good. That’s why we established Savage Good, an initiative that provides strategic creative services to nonprofit organizations on a pro bono basis. Through Savage Good, powerful design has changed the lives of hundreds of people.

Social Media for the Professionals Without ‘Social Media’ in Their Title

Despite the ever-increasing popularity and, in fact, necessity of brands’ social media involvement, only 27% of companies have a dedicated social media-focused employee. For the rest of the business world, a marketing or communications professional has had social media tacked onto the rest of their duties. That can mean an overwhelming amount of work for one person, and often the brand’s online image suffers.

Savage Garners International Attention & Design Awards

Two of our designs will be featured in the March 2013 issue of HOW magazine as winners of the HOW International Design Awards.

“Good on Purpose” Showcases the Power of Design for Social Impact

A collection of our strategic design work will be exhibited at the prestigious Pratt Institute’s Graduate Communications Design Gallery to demonstrate how design can drive change.

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